Natural Pet Products

Mondial Pet Product (M2P) provides high quality pet products from manufacturers that take pride in making products that are developed, tested and manufactured to the highest standards. While M2P provides a wide-range of products for a variety of pets they all have some things in common: when possible they are 100% natural, they are sourced responsibly, many can be recycled, and all are the top of their category.

M2P means quality and value which means you don’t have to compromise for your pet's well-being.

Reptile Products

High Quality Reptile Products

Efficient, high quality LED lighting, bulbs, heater and fixtures for all types of reptiles and vivariums/terrariums. Developed and tested for the well-being of your reptiles.

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Fish Products

Natural Fish Products

A full range of natural water conditioners, additives and fish food to easily start-up and maintain your aquarium. Highest quality LED lights, test kits, salts and substrates for your system.

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Bird Products

Unique Bird Products

Effective, modern lighting products for birds in a variety of situations.

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