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18 watts 24 inches
18 watts 24 inches

T8 5% UVB Forest Lamp - Full Spectrum

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Reptile Systems T8 5% UVB Forest Lamp – Full Spectrum Reptile Specialist Lamp – Perfect For Forest Species

Reptile Lighting lamp: This T8 D3 reptile lamp from Reptile Systems is the perfect solution for providing full spectrum UVA and UVB light to your reptiles, amphibians or exotic mammals. This lamp should be used with a suitable T8 fluorescent controller, you can add an additional reflector to double the light output.

Light source for promoting reptile health—ensure your animal is in the best possible health by using this high quality T8 D3 reptile lamp along with the correct diet to support synthesis of vitamin D3 .

Pet supplies you need—Perfect for a wide range of forest animals such as lizards, snakes, turtles, frogs , toads and more.

Compatibility you can count on -Available as either a 5% forest lamp or 10% desert lamp in 15w, 18w, 25w, 30w or 38w, suitable for a wide range of enclosures such as vivariums, terrariums, paludariums, vision cages and tanks.

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